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BucketBuddy (25L)

BucketBuddy (25L)

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Versatile multi-purpose bucket for various uses. 

Help your workers become more efficient and get them focusing on the jobs that matter. 

  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • Easy clean technology 
  • Measurement guide
  • Heat and tear resistant
  • Long life span 
  • Catch water and other materials in hard to reach places
  • Increases productivity and earnings
  • Durable 100% silicone material 
  • Reusable making it environmentally friendly bucket liner
  • Eliminates the need to constantly replacing damaged buckets
  • Freestanding but also fits inside standard 25L (5 gallon) construction buckets for extra control
  • Game-changer for construction workers
  • Patent pending

*Terms and conditions apply. Plastic bucket/bucket scoop not included. Not intended for hazardous materials or chemicals. Always use suitable personal protective equipment when using BucketBuddy products.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be used with any tools or accessories.


Trowel is 6 1/2 inch wide

What's in the box

1 x BucketBuddy Heavy Duty Liner

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Care instructions

  • Keep BucketBuddy sidewalls clean during use.
  • Sponge top and sidewalls between mixes for easy end-of-day cleanup.
  • Scrape unused material to the bottom of the liner.
  • Clean BucketBuddy thoroughly with a sponge.
  • BucketBuddy is not nonstick, designed to be durable and reuseable.
  • Clean for next day if complete mixture used.
  • Safe to clean with muriatic acid or Sulfamic acid crystals if build up of material occurs.
  • Sticky materials may require more frequent wipe downs.
  • Test aggressive adhesives on small externaal area.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to outside elements.
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